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Labrador Summer Sampler of 2008

Baja gratis el compilado Summer Sampler 2008 de Labrador:
Labrador Summer Sampler 2008

We'll have a very exciting autumn here at Labrador with new albums from The Radio Dept. and Pelle Carlberg + new material from Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, The Sound of Arrows and The Legends. To keep you busy for a little while we have put together the perfect compilation to accompany warm and sunny days by the sea - the official Labrador Summer Sampler of 2008. And you, our beloved listeners, get it for free.

Download the MP3 sampler in zip-format here:

The Labrador summer sampler 2008 is a summerish mix of recent favourites from The Sound of Arrows, The Radio Dept. and Club 8, lost classics from Acid House Kings, Caroline Soul and Chasing Dorotea and sun packed songs by [ingenting] and lots more. Full track listing below.


"Sweden's and the world's finest purveyor of pop music"
Track listing
1 [Ingenting] - Här Kommer Solen
2 The Sound of Arrows - Danger!
3 Sambassadeur - Final Say
4 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Funeral Face
5 Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile
6 Club 8 - You And Me
7 Johan Hedberg - Grammisgalan
8 The Radio Dept. - Freddie and the Trojan Horse
9 Sambassadeur - Subtle Changes
10 Tribeca - Her Breast Were Still Small
11 Chasing Dorotea - Dark Angel
12 The Mary Onettes - Explosions
13 The Legends - Darling
14 Leslies - Take A Look
15 Irene - By your side
16 Pelle Carlberg - Go to Hell, Miss Rydell
17 Club 8 - Jesus, Walk with Me (The Sound of Arrows remix)
18 Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Trumpets and Violins
19 Acid House Kings - Start Anew
20 Irene - Little Lovin
21 The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief
22 Club 8 - Whatever you Want
23 Acid House Kings - This Heart Is A Stone
24 Loveninjas - Little Black Friends
25 [Ingenting] - Släpp In Solen
26 Caroline Soul - Been Turning (Into Something Bad)
27 Acid House Kings - Sunday Morning
28 Johan Hedberg - Var Dig Själv
29 The Legends - Make It All Right
30 The Sound of Arrows - Danger! (Ice cream shout)

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